Monday, September 20, 2010

Dove hunt with fishing friends

The third weekend of September brought plenty of heat to the Richland County dove field that hosted several fishing guides for a bird hunt and barbecue. Getting a chance to put the rods down for a day and to pick up the shotgun is a nice change of pace for all fishermen.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Lovie and Dickie hunt doves together - and Dickie loves to moonlight for catfish in the Wateree River, Jason Fowler of Homewaters clothing connected with some doves while hunting with fishing friends; a good looking and well-prepared dove field; Jeff and Captain Mark Phelps leave the field in search of a cold beverage


  1. Great pics and great time out there Jeff. 3 birds in 5 minutes once you got "in the spot"...not bad shootin sir.

  2. Why thank you kind sir - I had to make up for some lost time...


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