Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goose hunting with the Wrecking Crew

There are options during waterfowl season, options like to hunt ducks or to hunt geese. Daryl Hodge and his Wrecking Crew Guide Service of Lancaster County have always chosen to hunt geese. Son Blake Hodge, now 14-years old, was raised by his waterfowling father to blow a goose call in such a way that the geese might respond. But then Blake showed a natural capacity to blow the goose (and duck) calls that out-shined what his father had taught him. With several duck and goose calling contests wins to his credit, Blake also performs in the field by serving as the primary caller for the Wrecking Crew. Blake attracted the attention of TV personality Captain Englis Glover who came to town on 1/5/11 to film an episode of his show called Reelin' Up The Coast. With the weather cold but cooperative, the hunt went as planned and nine honkers were harvested including several riveting episodes where 30 geese worked the decoys while the Wrecking Crew called non-stop for them to come just a bit closer.

VideoByJeffDennis: Daryl and Blake Hodge speak after the hunt

PhotosByJeffDennis: Blake Hodge blows his goose call from his layout blind; Capt. E and Blake break for a minute while filming a calling segment; a broken wing caused this harvested goose to strike a pose; Captain E uses a goose flag to bring in the geese

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