Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kayak Fishing book shares How-To tips

Kayak angler fighting a flounder up from the bottom
How-To book with DVD inside

A new book out in 2012 addresses the techniques, tactics and tackle that is required to take kayak fishing from an outdoor activity and into a fish-producing success. Simply titled Kayak Fishing, the guide is one in a series by the Sportsmen’s Best series of books. For $19.99 the book provides over 200-pages of information and photos, plus a 43-minute DVD with tips from kayak fishing instructors. Anglers in the Lowcountry are most familiar with fishing from a jon boat, and fishing from a kayak is not really much different. In fact, these kayaks have evolved to be stable platforms that prove excellent for angling. One limiting factor for kayak fishing will always be inclement or windy weather, but beyond that kayak anglers hold many advantages. Kayaks allow easy access to shallow waters that hold redfish in saltwater and panfish in freshwater. Since they have no motor, a kayak also offers a stealthy approach, thus not spooking the fish. In some cases, a kayak allows the angler to access a sandbar in order to get out and fish from a productive spot they couldn’t otherwise utilize. I recently joined Sam Hudson, one of the editors of the Kayak Fishing book, at a gathering of publishers, editors and writers that was sponsored by a leader in the kayak fishing industry, Hobie kayak. We put an array of kayaks and accessories to the test over three days, and much of what is needed to know is covered in the Kayak Fishing book. To view a fun kayak fishing video click here.

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What's better than one flounder?? Two!!

Neat underwater flounder kayak view

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