Friday, January 15, 2010

Hungarian Partridge Tower Shoot at Clinton House

There is something different fluttering in the foothills of South Carolina these days. A swarm of Hungarian Partridge have roosted at the Clinton House in Clinton, S.C. and the hunt is ON! Whether paired with quail in the field for a pulse-racing upland bird hunt, or featured on a Tower Shoot with pheasant and pigeon - the Huns will keep the guns smokin'. Call the clubhouse to book your hunt and then go into the field with plantation manager Mike Johnson and his boykin spaniel Tillie who will flush or retrieve as required. The Tower Shoot consists of a dozen blinds that gunners are positioned in, and birds are released out of the hilltop 'tower' and fly down. After several birds are released the hunt is paused so that all the hunters can rotate to the blind next to them. The hunt is completed when every hunter has rotated to each blind - providing a guarantee that each gun has the same chance as any other to harvest birds. With a slight cool breeze blowing, and ice still visible on the nearby ponds, the Tower Shoot weather was ideal and the retriever work that assisted the gunners was first class.

PhotosByJeffDennis: Jim Tollison and a friend take aim out of a blind at the Tower Shoot; birdman Giordie shows off the Huns; a rooster ring-necked pheasant with a Hungarian Partridge for a size comparison; the dog men of the Clinton House Plantation


  1. Hey Jeff, had a great time visiting with you again. What a great hunt, let's do it again soon!

    Jim T.

  2. Yes, hunting together again sounds like a plan. Shoot straight!


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