Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Grand American Coon Hunt

Brian Cope attended the 45th annual Grand American Coon Hunt that was held in Orangeburg this past weekend. Close to 300 dogs were entered in the event, which many call the Super Bowl of coon hunting competitions. The overall champion of this year’s Grand American came all the way from Indiana. Bellar’s Get Ahead Lil Red, a Redbone handled by Mike Nelson, was crowned the winner at the end of the coldest Grand American in history. Though the temperature was forecast to be in the mid-20’s, the windchill on the final night was around 15 degrees.

The bitter cold did not seem to deter the crowd, which was estimated to be in the 30,000 range over the course of the weekend. Many vendors were on site selling everything from ATV’s, dog food, boiled peanuts, hunting clothing and equipment. Dog breeders were on site as well, selling started pups and fully trained hunting dogs.

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PhotoByBrianCope: The welcome sign was out in Orangeburg
PhotoByUnitedKennelClub: The 2010 Overall Grand American Hunt winner - Bellar's Getahead Lil Red owned by Russ Bellar (left) and Randal Myers of Huntington, Indiana, and handled by Mike Nelson (right). Also shown are Tim Waters and David McKee.


  1. Hi My name is Yael, I live in Georgia, I just want to know the schedual of any hunting show, and when? and where? is gonna be the next Grand American Coon Hunt.

    Thank you so much

  2. The 2011 Grand American will be held in Orangeburg, S.C. and is slated for Jan 7 & 8.


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