Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 Charleston Dog Show

The 2009 edition of the Charleston Dog Show was held in Marion Square Park in downtown Charleston under warm and sunny conditions. This sixth annual event benefits the Lowcountry Lab Rescue, Low Country Golden Retriever Rescue, Greyhound Pets of America and Middleton Place Hounds. With 15 classes of dog showing to be completed, the Charleston Dog Show has an ambitious schedule - and culminated with the Best In Show award. Large crowds of dog lovers turned out for this event, and a cost of $10 was all that was required to show your canine. The "ring" was manned by judges and volunteers who helped the business of the day run smoothly. Agility and Obedience displays were also part of the "dog day afternoon," accompanied by a vendor village for dog treats, dog art, microchipping and more. The event also coincides with the Saturday morning Farmers Market that draws large numbers of citizens to Marion Square.

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Photos By Jeff Dennis: A beautiful blue ribbon was awarded to the Best In Show dog, nine-month old English Setter Chester was awarded honorable mention for his efforts in the puppy class to the delight of, a german short-haired retriever is marched around the ring, a herd of sporting dogs filled the ring during their division's show

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