Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco De Mayo Dolphin on Aggressor - 100th post

The 60-foot B and B charter boat Aggressor made its way to the blue waters of the gulf stream despite a forecast for some wind and showers, and was rewarded with a productive day of offshore trolling. A color change was located in about 1000-feet of water where blue water with current was rubbing up against the green or "dirty" water. Scattered weeds and birds helped mark the area and there was no shortage of flying fish, which is what the dolphin love to eat.

A 64-mile run to the fishing grounds ended when a large ballyhoo spread was deployed and dolphin bedlam ensued. On more than one occasion during the day Captain Striker Mike said, "Arriba Arriba, I think we are in a school of mahi mahi!" Mate Will Thornhill worked hard for Russ, Richard, Potter and Jeff so that they could reel in plenty of dolphin. Conditions improved as the day went along and the dolphin seemed to turn on in mass from time to time, causing several double-headers that called for teamwork in the transom. A small dolphin was tagged and released for Don Hammond's research project, and some small sharks were also released in good condition. When will the dolphin bite taper off? That's hard to predict, but there was NO PROBLEMA catching a few fish on Cinco De Mayo. is glad to report this tale of adventure for our 100th blog entry..... but who's counting.

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Photos by Jeff Dennis: Russ Parker with a green machine from the blue water, Will-Russ-Richard and Potter with a few gaffer dolphin, Jeff and Richard with Jeff's bull dolphin, Potter has a unique experience when a female American Redstart songbird flew aboard and rested in his hair, while the Aggressor was 60 miles offshore.

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