Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 EIOLT Spring Birding Trip to Edingsville Beach

The Edisto Island Open Land Trust held its annual Back To Nature event on 5/16/09 and naturalist Patrick McMillan led a hike to the Lowcountry shoreline near what was Eddingsville Beach. McMillan is the director of the Clemson University Museum of Natural History and travels the globe for research and TV filming purposes.

The lore of Eddingsville Beach is what lured McMillan and about 25 interested hikers to come to Edisto Island and walk the beach at the Jeremy Cay development. Just off the coast would have been the site of Eddingsville Beach, a community of plantation owners that preceded what is now Edisto beach. Eddingsville was wiped out during the Sea Island hurricane of 1893. The group enjoyed touring the flora and fauna of the barrier island while viewing Fossil Lagoon and Eel Island, and paid respects to the power of mother nature - on what was a beautiful summer afternoon.

Photos by Jeff Dennis: Naturalist McMillan stands on the shore nearest to where Eddingsville used to exist; shells on the beach include fossils from the Pleistocene age and remnants from Eddingsville; a maritime forest trail leads the hikers towards the beach; signage that refers to the King's Grant community that is now lost

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