Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saltwater Recreational Fishing License Changes

The South Carolina General Assembly has enacted some minor changes to the Saltwater fishing license program. The changes go into effect on July 1, when all licenses are set to renew, and the price for a $10 fishing license will not change. Basically this has to do with the federal government wanting a new database for all fishing lines in the water - the previous law only accounted for lines being fished off of a boat. The new law will track all fishing from shore as well - such as from a beach, dock, pier, bluff, rip rap bank, marshy embankment and outflow pipe. Since the $10 annual resident fishing license fee goes towards causes that benefit South Carolina's marine resources, the increase in licenses sold after July 1 should help with some of the current budget shortfall. There was a distinct possibility that the new license fee could have gone up to a rate of $25, and Lowcountryoutdoors.com commends those who held their ground for the $10 fee, which included action by Governor Sanford. We need more opportunity for fishing families and buddies to get on the water, and higher fees contribute to less interest in saltwater fishing in general, which of course provides better quality of life for those involved.

Photo By Jeff Dennis: The saltwater license change won't affect plans for fishing with your father from a boat, but for shore-based fishing you'll need to keep a license with you now

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