Thursday, August 31, 2017

NFL Preseason Game: Panthers Versus Jaguars

It was a cat fight at EverBank Field for the Panthers vs. Jaguars
The outdoor sports calendar bursts at the seams on Saturdays in September, with the start of dove hunting season and a full slate of college football games. Sunday schedules that include morning worship services, will expand to watching professional football with family and friends, and watching the road to the Super Bowl unfold. Actually attending an NFL game is always an option too, and I hit the road down to Jacksonville to watch the Carolina Panthers take on the Jaguars in a preseason game that settled which quarterbacks will start in the regular season.

Jacksonville is a part of the AFC South division in the NFL and they are coached by Doug Marrone. The head coach has been rotating two quarterbacks in the preseason and Chad Henne was named the starter against the Panthers, and Blake Bortles came in to play QB during the second half. This formula was a role reversal from two prior preseason games, showing Jaguars fans that the position of starter was up for grabs.

When the game ended Carolina scratched out a narrow victory 24 – 23, but the Jaguars had given their fans plenty of plays for their fans to cheer during the Thursday night game. The Jags play again this Thursday night at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium when they travel to take on the Atlanta Falcons. Coach Marrone has since named quarterback Blake Bortles as the starting QB for the Jaguars season opener on September 10 against the Houston Texans. The Jaguars travel to London, England to play a regular season game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 24, which is an annual overseas trip for the Jacksonville franchise.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Temporary tags now available for 2017 deer season

The August 15 traditional starting date for deer hunting season remains unchanged, and blistering hot weather greeted big game hunters during the first week of hunting. The new deer tagging system put in place by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources is now in effect, as hunters revisit the outdoors in hopes of bringing some venison back to the skinning shed. Every deer must be tagged in 2017, including both bucks and does, and those tags come in the mail with purchase of a big game hunting license, but temporary tags can be obtained online if needed.

The deer tags for 2017 were mailed out to license holders prior to the August 15 start date, placing the responsibility on hunters to keep them with them while hunting. The tags for doe deer came with the buck tags, and doe season begins on September 15. Charles Ruth is a big game biologist with the SCDNR, and he stresses that hunters in possession of a gratis license for seniors or a youth hunting license, must reach out to SCDNR to obtain their 2017 deer tags. It wasn’t cost-effective to mail out deer tags to all of the senior and youth license holders, since the majority of them are not big game hunting.

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