Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Family Circle Cup - Finals / Serena Williams wins back-to-back titles

Venus and Serena share a sister-grip after the match
Venus versus Serena !!
Saturday April 6, 2013 will be fondly remembered by those fortunate to be involved in both the Cooper River Bridge Run and the Family Circle Cup semifinals. Sunny and crisp weather gave both events and extra boost after a cold and rainy few days, and the respective competitions each delivered compelling drama. The show-stopper on Saturday however was the Women's Tennis Association sister act, with Americans Venus Williams playing against sister Serena Williams for the first time at the Family Circle Cup. With Serena William's ranked #1 in the world, and both the defending FCC champ, and the reigning WTA-weekly champ, the national media were present and the world was watching. In covering the FCC for the past five years I have never seen the stadium court at full capacity, but the crowd on Saturday came very close! The 1 p.m. match was just that popular, even though Serena held a decided advantage in athleticism and a confidence carryover from an extended 12-month romp through the world of women's professional tennis. Therefore, it was with swift execution that Serena won the first set 6 games to 1 over sister Venus. The second set saw Venus win a few more points, and garner a few more cheers from the crowd for a valiant effort, but soon the two would meet at the net for a downplayed handshake. Notable absent was any yelp or fist-pump from Serena for dispatching this opponent. It should not be understated that the FCC is a premiere level event that brings the top talent to Charleston each year, which serves to better the entire sport when storylines such as this one develop during the course of play. In the second semifinal match the 9th seeded player Jelena Jancovic needed three sets to advance against Voegele and into the Sunday finals. FCC doubles play followed the singles matches, but the oohs and aahs from the Williams VS. Williams helped to make the 31st annual FCC one to remember. During the Sunday Finals on April 7 at 1 p.m. it was Serena Williams defeating Jancovic in order to claim back-to-back FCC titles in both 2012 and 2013. What a great champion for the Family Circle Cup - AGAIN!

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Voegele follows through on a ground stroke

Jancovic runs down a volley

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