Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FoodSaver vacuum sealer is a GameSaver

FoodSaver goes to work on my 2013 wild turkey breast meat

Deer hunters rely on local processors to provide them with cuts of meat in vacuum-packed bags. Vacuum sealing of bags can make a lot of difference regarding freezer burn on more delicate game like turkey meat or fish filets. Anyone who has lost game meat to freezer burn in the past, will be glad to learn about the FoodSaver countertop device that allows them to better preserve their hard-earned table fare. After trying out the FoodSaver GameSaver Silver which retails for $200, I was surprised by it’s ease of use. With turkey season in full swing, it is time to prepare the pink and delicate turkey breasts for storage in the freezer. Using a roll of plastic provided by FoodSaver, I can adjust the size of the plastic bag used to seal up for freezer storage. The GameSaver appliance has a sliding cutting blade that makes a clean cut on the plastic each time it is needed. One end of the bag is inserted into the GameSaver appliance and the ‘Seal’ button on top is used to heat seal one end. Load the game meat into the bag and then place the open end of the bag into the GameSaver appliance and press the ‘Vacuum’ button. The machine makes a bit of noise as it sucks the air out of the bag, before finishing by heat-sealing the bag. The meat becomes somewhat flattened in the process and any juice that is sucked out of the bag is caught by a tray in the GameSaver which can be easily emptied. The entire process only takes minutes to set up the machine, seal the bags, and to clean it all up and label the bags.

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