Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Christmas Wish List - Bird Feeders

Cardinal carving out a cylinder feeder
The holiday season calls for family and friends to celebrate religion, and to focus on the Christmas wishes of children. Unless a specific wish list is supplied by someone to use as a shopping guide, then many will opt to give a gift of cash or perhaps even a gift card. While toys and such are still preferred for kids, it can be tougher to figure out a thoughtful gift for adults. Giving the gift of a bird feeder is a small way to increase habitat for wildlife, without breaking the bank, and it also can serve as the type of gift that keeps on giving all year long.

It is easy to locate bird feeders for sale, since they can be found locally at department stores, hardware stores, feed stores and even in antiques stores. The cost of a new bird feeder is not usually out of reach for gift givers, but the wide variety of feeders can sometimes make for a tough decision about which one to buy. The model of birdfeeder chosen will have some impact on the type of birdseed that will go inside to fill it up. Since the birdseed will not last forever, the birdfeeder can simply be enjoyed temporarily, or the new owner can decide to fill it up whenever they want to welcome some feathered friends to their yard.

Don’t forget that the perfect companion to birdseed for attracting backyard birds into view is a simple bird bath. Usually a shallow basin of water works best, and remember to vary its location to find out where it seems most effective. For instance, placement next to a bush that birds can scoot into for cover is always a good idea, and the closer to the ground the better. Birds come to feeders, and to water, during activity cycles that are hard to predict, which makes spotting them more of a treat. Weather changes can also make birds feed voraciously and learning to witness such events can make for memorable encounters, creating the kind of cheerful memories that Christmas gift givers hope to inspire.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017 Law Enforcement Deer Hunt at Deux Cheneaux

Hosts Chad and Lori Beard greet the crowd
The holiday season can be very busy for members of society working in law enforcement. Long hours during the Thanksgiving holiday can tax one’s spirit heading into the Christmas season. So the annual law enforcement appreciation hunt held the first weekend of December serves to provide a little rest and relaxation in the outdoors. A wide variety of federal, state and local people working throughout the justice system came to Deux Cheneaux Plantation in Green Pond to hunt, fish, eat and embrace some quality time on their day off.

Father showing son how to hold a nice bass
The 2017 edition of the law enforcement appreciation deer hunt marks the fifth anniversary of this holiday tradition. Chad and Lori Beard initiated the idea for the hunt, and they partner with Allen and Susan Bell to provide the opportunity to deer hunt and to go fishing in a stocked pond. One member of the FBI that attended the hunt weekend said that the invitation to come to an outdoorsman’s paradise like this property in the ACE Basin is almost too good to be true.

Lunch is served!
A few of the attendees wanted to relay their message of thanks in an anonymous fashion due to work constraints. They said that people in law enforcement aren’t making a lot of money, and that having access to a hunting property like this one is a great opportunity for them. Especially for those that don’t have much experience in the outdoors, this event pools the resources of the group so that everyone benefits. Some know more about hunting, some know more about fishing, and some come simply to eat and relax, but at its core it is a non-work event with a focus on raising spirits among the law enforcement family.

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First deer for this 10-year old youth!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 Edisto Chamber of Commerce - Holiday Business After Hours

Edisto United giving tree at With These Hands Gallery 
The Edisto Chamber of Commerce held its annual holiday edition of Business After Hours on November 28. The host groups reside in a strip mall on Highway 174 right before arriving at Edisto Beach. With These Hands Gallery offers Amercian made crafts for sale, The Edisto Island Book Store offers the latest book for beach reading, and the Edisto Island Open Land Trust works to conserve land. Edisto United was also present to discuss their 2017 Giving Tree located inside the crafts gallery, because its a family affair.

Lisa Harrell, Bob and Melinda Hare, and John Girault
The event began before sundown at 5:30 and kept going until 7 when a raffle for door prizes was held. Chili, cheese and crackers, wine and beer were served for the gathering of small business owners. Charleston Fossil Adventures gave away a three-hour kayak tour, and John Girault was the emcee. Chamber Director Lisa Harrell was thrilled with the turnout and check out the Edisto Chamber Facebook page for the latest happenings on Edisto Island.

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Edisto Realty - Matthew and Dina Kizer with Nate Rish 
Tim Burton from Presley's with Laura and Charles Yeomans

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tabernacle Cemetery in Smoaks Installs Metal Arch

NEW metal Arch at Tabenacle Cemetery in Smoaks, S.C.
Driving just North of the community of Smoaks in Western Colleton County, passersby will notice something new to the area. A custom wrought iron arch has been erected at the entrance of the Tabernacle cemetery, displaying the name and the established date of 1876. Public donations pay for the upkeep of this cemetery since it is operating independently, and recent fundraising efforts provided for the new metal arch.
Since there is no church at this cemetery site it is possible to drive right past this Lowcountry landmark, so be sure to look for the grass parking lot with a chain link fence surrounding the burial area. The new arch is 13-feet high over the swing gates and was designed to be large enough to allow for funeral company equipment to be able to access the grounds. I can report azaleas, camellias and crepe myrtles in the cemetery area, bordered by an agriculture field filled with white cotton blooms.

Edyce Griffin is the secretary / treasurer for the Tabernacle cemetery and she takes great care in the upkeep, especially since her late husband is buried here. “Carol Padgett of Ruffin is the President of the Tabernacle cemetery committee, and I serve with him to generate the funding we need for site maintenance,” said Griffin. “The new arch was put up just in time for the Christmas season, which is a high traffic time for all cemeteries when folks visit the graves of loved ones.”

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