Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Field Notes and Photos in Fontana, N.C. - October 2014

Mountain Caterpillar - Which makes me want to go fly fishing
Monarch Butterfly on Zinnia flower
Keeping one's eyes open for the appearance of wildlife in the natural world is just one part of being an outdoor enthusiast. Attending the 50th Anniversary meeting of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association brought me to Fontana, N.C. on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains. Despite the warmer than usual temps I was able to spot a few critters moving around and spot a few flowers still in bloom. The larger than life vistas associated with the old Appalachian mountains are hard to put into words, but the grandeur of the setting keeps one thankful that the creator has a place for all the flora and fauna that require a hilltop paradise to reside in. Another thankful thought goes out to those who protected and preserved these lands, and to those who practice modern upkeep and conservation here now.

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This Cooper's Hawk paused for a sunroof photo

Mountain wildflowers found along the road

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