Sunday, August 31, 2014

Field Notes and Photos - August 2014

Mounds of Mushrooms coming up from the ground
MOO cow - I think I'll stay on this side of the fence!
I came across a Luna moth recently that was clearly at the end of its life span, and it made me recall the time I was able to photograph a healthy specimen. This recent moth was pale in color, rather than the bold green coloration of a luna moth in good health. Also, the paper-thin wings of this moth were not whole but rather they were tattered. This moth was on the ground, another sure sign that it was not well since they like to be in habitat that is upright like trees. But nature surprised me when I went to gather the moth to photograph, it simply flapped its wings and was lifted by a light breeze into the top of a nearly live oak and totally removed from my grasp. My guess is that one of the birds in the area was likely to have a luna moth supper very soon, but that is a part of nature that does not surprise me. So here are some of my recent field notes photos.

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Black and Clear dragonfly - or 'Mosquito Hawk'

Dove and barcode intermingle in urban jungle

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