Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Chas. Harbor Tarpon Release Tourney - Winner!

Organizer Cantey Smith, Winning angler Matt Bachinski,
and Captain J.R. Waits
Angler Matt Bachinski and tarpon
The 20th Annual Charleston Harbor Tarpon Release Tourney is one of the longest-running tarpon events along the East Coast. Organizer Cantey Smith picks a date in July that will coincide with a favorable tide and moon phase that is conducive to tarpon fishing. The initial tourney date was July 5 and the weather conspired to make a rough ocean that kept some boats in port but all but assured that no one would catch and release a tarpon. Smith scheduled a second date for July 20 and a fleet of 52-anglers strong set out in search of the silver king in order to produce a tourney winner. The only tarpon catch and release that day belonged to angler Matt Bachinski fishing with Captain J.R. Waits and angler Bill Browne. Despite a two-hour search for the right bait, which included dodging some thunder storms, Waits had his crew in the right place at the right time. This year's award is a handsome wood carving, something unique for the winning angler to cherish from this memorable fish fight.

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