Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Opening Day 8-Point in Full Velvet for Lady Hunter

Leslie Lawson with her opening day buck from Bamberg County
The Briar Creek Hunt Club in Bamberg County had a very special guest on the opening day of the 2014 deer season when Leslie Lawson accompanied her father to hunt. They sat in separate deer stands, but Mark Lawson never gave up on his daughter's chance to harvest her first ever buck in velvet, urging her on via text message until after 8 p.m. It wasn't until 8:15 when the trophy buck with a wide rack stepped out, giving her the chance to harvest this buck that is now going on her wall.

This young lady began deer hunting only three years, and it was two years ago when she registered her first doe harvest. Then last year in 2013 she moved up to harvesting a buck, a tall-tined 6-pointer that really pleased her and her father. Still she wanted more and began to borrow her father's rifle more and more to go hunting. Eventually she settled into her own rifle, a Savage Axis .308 and that way she could go to the woods as much as she wanted. Though the 2013 season ended, her obsession remained and she dare not miss the 2014 opening day hunt.

Lawson and her 6-point in 2013
Leslie had brought her boyfriend along for comapny and they sat in a stand overlooking young planted pines and  a corn pile. She says that three does came out to eat a little after 7 p.m. and that they watched them for about an hour. When the buck stepped out about 8:15 the does ran off, and the buck turned to look at the deerstand. When she saw the wide rack on this nice 8-point buck she knew it was a shooter and she quickly raised her rifle, looked through the nikon scope and drilled him from 100-yards away.

It was dark when they decided to get down from the deer stand and look for the buck that they knew had been hit. They went to the truck and got a flashlight and soon after arriving at the corn pile they found sign of a lung shot and a good blood trail. The buck weighed 175-pounds and carried a 19-inch spread, which is very respectable for a buck from the Lowcountry. Her gaol for 2014 was to kill a buck in velvet and to harvest a buck bigger than her previous best - and she accomplished both goals with one shot on opening day!! What's next for Leslie - she now says she wants to start bow hunting!! Congrats.
This rack has a 19-inch spread

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