Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Field Notes and Photos - September 2014

This brilliant box turtle appeared on Sept. 7
A Monarach butterfly from Sept. 18
Fall migration seems to be picking up with recent arrivals of blue-winged teal to the Lowcountry. Migratory warblers like the American redstart have also been spotted recently. Butterflies have been joined by hordes of love bugs moving up from Florida. Reptiles seems to move around more in the fall when the weather cools for the first time, and I've seen more turtles crawling about than usual lately, and the snakes are slithering. It won't be too much longer until the color changes of leaves will be noticed all around the state. September 2014 started out very dry and quite hot but it will end up as a month with about 20 days where there was at least a trace of rain.

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Yellow Jackets that I dispatched from a flowerpot

I saw a Snowman in September thanks to these mushrooms!

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