Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Gamekeepers / Spring - Wood Duck Box Placement

Spring 2016 Cover and drake woodie photo from my article
Sometimes farming for wildlife means doing the extra things that can create better wildlife habitat, including putting out man-made nesting boxes. Long before duck season begins each year, wood ducks will produce a clutch of eggs in hopes of adding ducklings to their world. Property managers and avid waterfowlers should take an interest in this practice that both trains wood ducks to utilize your area during breeding season and potentially increases the number of wood ducks to hunt each successive year.
Hunting wood ducks in bottomlands is a unique and special experience, and so is trying to raise ducklings.  Even the most seasoned manager has a soft spot for a nesting box full of fuzzy ducklings about to parachute out of their front door and into mother nature’s den. But before that can ever happen, careful consideration must be given to wood duck nesting box placement, including a fair amount of labor.

My Before and After wood chip maintenance photos
Sometimes, it's the little things....
Don’t forget that erecting a wood duck nesting box requires more materials than simply the box itself.  While it is true that one can mount a nesting box alone by nailing it to a tree, that method doesn’t provide a measure of protection from common predators like snakes. A proper mount includes a 4 X 4 pole of treated lumber, and a predator guard usually made of galvanized sheet metal. Nails, screws, hinges and latches are just a few of the smaller hardware pieces that are necessary for final assembly.

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