Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Library Friends Learn about Edisto River Book

Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, Larry and Rosie Price, Carl Coffin
The Friends of the Colleton County Memorial Library held their annual business meeting on Tuesday March 8. After discussing the business of the past fiscal year, the attendees were treated to a book report on the new coffee table book about the Edisto River. The meeting included more than talk about future funding for books though, as the discussion meandered like a black water river from topic to topic, revealing how the book ‘s contributors continue to educate others.

This map educates about a VERY important natural resource
“Edisto River: Black Water Crown Jewel” is a new coffee-table book loaded with photos taken by Larry Price of Barnwell. His wife Rosie and I spoke prior to their presentation to the Friends meeting and she asked me to express a special thanks to Colleton County for the resources she found in the South Carolina room at the library while doing research. From their central hub in Barnwell County, the Price’s took more than five years to branch out and photograph the longest free-flowing Black River in North America which begins and ends in the Palmetto State. Joggling Board Press in Charleston publishes their book, and editor Susan Kammeraad-Campbell also wrote portions of the text.


Turning the pages of this book is like cruising down this secretive black water river, where a different discovery of nature awaits around each and every bend. Wildlife abounds on these pages, and a naturalist in training could learn a great deal by flipping between the water insects, waterfowl and wasps found wafting in the current and breezes associated with river life. A message of conservation permeated the lecture, inspiring a productive question and answer session with the Friends of the Library afterward, with Mrs. Price urging all citizens with land holdings along the river to become educated about what role they can play concerning the future of the ecosystem.

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