Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shrimp, Collards and Grits - Southern Recipes

Author Pat Branning of Beaufort at the Mills House during SEWE
One of the hallmarks of the SE Wildlife Exposition is that outdoor enthusiasts are drawn together, where an open-minded synergy can take place between two parties. Locating Pat Branning and her book of culinary recipes at the Mills House during SEWE, I found out that the author from Beaufort and I had quite a few things in common. While the main dish suerved up at SEWE will always be wildlife artwork, a healthy side of food and fellowship are positive dividends. Her book was published to coincide with the Tricentennial Celebration of the founding of Beaufort in 1711, a place she and her family have made home since moving there in 1971 from Atlanta. I like the fact that Branning relates that the words in a recipe have no real flavor, rather it is up to a practiced hand to make come life. And I am glad that why we have these Southern recipes to savor, they perhaps best serve as a remembrance for our apron-clad grandmothers who made their kithcens such a wonderful place for each of us to develop a culinary sense of smell, touch and taste that proves to last a lifetime.

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