Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Saltwater Seminar Series - notes

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George Poveromo and Capt. Graham Hegamyer
Once every third year, George Poveromo and his Salt Water Sportsman band of brothers comes to Charleston for the National Seminar Series. This day-long fishing school is held at Lightsey Chapel at Charleston Southern University and is intended to be both a broad spectrum analysis of saltwater fishing tactics, and sometimes revealing pro tips down to the nuts and bolts of rigging. Their proven method to teach includes bringing together a 'national' staff with local fishing captains. They compare notes with each other, and those in attendance benefit from keeping their ears open, and some even elect to make notes inside the fishing textbook that everyone is issued. This day started with a brief talk about conservation of fisheries and Poveromo expressed concerns that government closures on certain fisheries are based on outdated information. After that, the first raffle winner of the day was Rick Smith, who elected to play Fish or Consequences and took home a CD of 70's music. When the discussion turned to offshore fishing Capt. Chris Chavis shared that he prefers weighted circle hooks and runs his flat lines right over his dredge rig. Harry Vernon chimed in that a black plug on top of the water during a sunny day seems to work well, and that bright colors do well on cloudy days, but to ALWAYS mix up your presentation to check on what lure color might be a hot that day. Believe it or not, the ole' standby cedar plug got a modern tweak when George P. shared that sometimes a tuna can't shut his mouth on the back end of the plug, causing the hookset to be faulty, which can pull later in the fight resulting in a lost fish. Now he recommends running a few spacer beads behind the cedar plug and rigging a circle hook. By leaving the rod in the holder, he now enjoys an increases hook up ratio. Lots more saltwater insider information was traded, and now its all up to the local anglers to get on the water and practice what they learned.
Kite-fishing tips were on the seminar menu

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