Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 SEWE Sunday - game / art

SEWE owls ice sculpture
Smoked game birds ensemble by Ben Moise
The final day of the 2013 SE Wildife Expo came with clear skies and crisp near-freezing temperatures. A throng of patrons ruled the Holy City over the weekend, and as Sunday temps rose - so did the participation of patrons. The finals of the Dock Dogs on Sunday saw fearless dogs jumping into icy waters while their owners shrugged off the cool breeze coming off the Ashley River. Marion Square activities included birds of prey displays, fun and games for young ones, and a food court. The Francis Marion Hotel seemed to have renewed vigor at SEWE in 2013 since many of the exhibitors from the Gaillard Auditorium (now under construction) were moved to the historic locale. Many custom knife makers were present, but a closer look revealed antique wooden boxes, sporting lamp shades, bronze artwork, attire by William Lamb and reading materials like Covey Rise magazine. Of course the fine art at Charleston Place is always worth a last look before the end of SEWE, with firearms by Griffin and Howe qualifying as artwork with a purpose. Of course, an eyeful of art can not sustain one long, so it is always nice to dine on wild game offerings during the weekend such as duck, venison, shrimp, buffalo, fish and quail.

Custom totes by Elliott bags

Life size turkey flock at Charleston Place
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