Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tips for Booking a Fishing Charter

Beautiful mahi caught by lady angler during offshore charter

Mahi fest from 2007 charter, with sole wahoo reeled in by Jeff Dennis
One of the most frequent questions posed to Lowcountry Outdoors is how to book a fishing charter? There are plenty of reasons why to book a fishing charter, but just WHO does a good job as a professional charter captain? I am always glad to make a recommendation for a charter captain once I learn of the person's desired fishing location and targeted species.  This feature article is intended to share some guidelines for others, about what to look for when booking a fishing charter. Also, what to expect on that trip and what can be expected of each party. In general, recreational anglers who fish with a guide will get a big bang for their buck, in terms of fishing success. But there is never a guarantee with fish! I know from working with many of them, that fishing guides keep long hours and aren't scared of hard work, and for that they have my respect.

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