Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 State Youth Coon Hunt

Coon Hound baying up a tree with a coon in it!
Despite wet weather and swamps that were completely filled with water, the 2013 state youth coon hunt at the Webb Center near Estill went on as planned. A shooting competition during the day was canceled due to rain but the nine casts of youth hunters that went out to coon hunt that night never had any doubts about completing their mission to go raccoon hunting. Don't forget, just to make it to the state competition these youth have had to compete in regional events and qualify for this season ending contest. And while winning is everyone's goal, the actual largest trophy goes to the Sportsmanship winner, which teaches these youth about lessons in the field. To view a past blog entry about youth hunters and lessons in the field click here. In the senior division, the Sportsmanship Award went to Collin Long from Prosperity. Finishing in first place was D'Rell Miller from Camden, second place was Josh Kinsey from Bamberg, third place was Phillip Whetstone from Cope, fourth place was Manning Taylor from Heath Springs, and fifth place was Savanna Shuler from Santee. In the Junior Division, the Sportsmanship winner was Jacob New from Saluda. Finishing in first place was Hugh Arthur from Lincolnton, Georgia. Finishing in second place was Jacob New, in third place was Kevin Barnes from Fairfax, and in fourth place was Hampton Beard from Orangeburg. Congrats!!
Of course there is a large cadre of people working towards making this hunt a success including SCDNR staff, members of the Lowcountry Coon Club, parents and leaders with the S.C. Coon Hunter's Association. Johnathon Barnes fed about 100 folks before the hunt, while a raffle for a .22-rifle, sporting prints and coon hunting gear raised funds towards future hunts. Lowcountry Outdoors is glad to share the message that the state youth coon hunt program is doing a great job of training our future outdoor enthusiasts.

To view past blog entries about the S.C. State youth coon hunt click here.

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