Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Field Notes and Photos - February 2012

Gray Fox in Colleton County with winter coat

Red berries flourish in winter

A country house mouse with cat-like whiskers

This mushroom was the size of a dinner plate

Goldfinch posing on the bird bath
Despite warm and dry conditions during the winter, those who enjoy the outdoors took advantage of the good wildlife viewing opportunities. Less leaves on the trees during winter always provide different looks at regularly-viewed vistas. A group of migratory songbirds that arrive in winter with almost clockwork like precision. This year I spotted the first cedar waxwing on 1/29/2012, and after checking my birding book I had sighted the first cedar waxwing on the same exact date the year before, 1/29/11 - and 1/27/2010 before that! Both flora and fauna are on display in winter, and they send an unmistakable message - that spring is on the way!

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