Thursday, January 5, 2012

9-point buck is FIRST buck for 7-year old

David Peeples Jr. on 12/28

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The big bucks showed up right at the end of deer season for those who had food plots ready to go. When the cold snap kicked in between Christmas and New Year's many hunters were in place to capitalize on any increase in deer movement, which had been at a record low level prior. David Peeples works at WiseBatten in Estill and took his 7-year old son David Jr. hunting for deer on December 27, and while they saw two nice bucks - they presented no broadside shot. Back in their 16-foot tower stand on a Robertville hunting lease the very next day, the father and son team waited from 4:30 until 5:25 before they saw any activity and then SIX bucks rambled into the food plot! Experienced hunters know that sometimes late in the deer season the bucks can reform their bachelor groups since the does have been bred. "Five rack bucks and a spike came into the food plot that is planted in oats, crimson clover and alfalfa," said Peeples. "The 9-point fed in the direction of our stand and towards the middle of the plot, and my son picked him out as a good target. He put his Savage .243 into position, it was 5:35, and I asked him if he was ready to shoot." The gun went off in reply to the father's question and the 130-pound buck dropped in his tracks after a long 200-yard shot, setting off a celebration in the blind. "I don't know who was more excited," said Peeples. The Peeples process their own venison and its a good thing because just three days later 13-year old daughter Emily shot her first ever buck. Her 5-pointer makes Dad just as proud.

The hunt took place in the Savannah River Preserve area and for past blog entries about the SRP click here.

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