Monday, January 23, 2012

75th Ann. of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program

Hardwood Bottomlands at the Webb WMA
Have you ever purchased firearms, ammunition, bow and arrows, fishing equipment and the licenses for legal hunting and fishing? If you answered YES, then you are already a part of the efforts of the conservation programs run by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program(WSFR). The WSFR is celebrating 75 years of outdoor traditions in 2012 and their efforts have resulted in millions of acres of habitat saved. Increased levels of game and fish from protected acreage give sportsmen more of the opportunities they desire in the outdoors. A review of the history of the WSFR shows contributions in South Carolina beginning n the 1940's for projects like developing the Waterhorn Tract in the Francis Marion National Forest as a turkey management unit - which of course was a Huge success. In 1941they purchased the Webb Center Wildlife Management Area, all 5837-acres of it for $37,725! The funds they administer are combined with matching dollars from each state to fund conservation, and this program remains in full blossom and deserves credit for work in all the states across the U.S.A.

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