Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Local Palate - January 2012 Seafood Issue

Located at 479 King Street

My photo as it appears in The Local Palate magazine
The food culture of Charleston, and particularly seafood, is in focus in the January issue of The Local Palate magazine. My feature story assignment was to accompany Chef Jeremiah Bacon on the water and to visit him at The MacIntosh in order to share his career journey. A local from John's Island, the Chef's story of success takes readers from tidal creeks of the Lowcountry, to the city streets of New York, and back again. Thanks to Chef Bacon for his time, and to The Local Palate for allowing me to join a distinguished group of contributing writers.

The contributing writer's section states - "Jeff writes a blog at www.LowcountryOutdoors.com in order to share worthy stories from the sporting lifestyle, which includes the harvest and preparation of wild game for the table, and a focus on sustainable seafood."


  1. Hi Jeff,
    The aritcle in the Local Palate was good. I enjoyed reading about Jeremiah Bacon and his adventures that eventually brought him home. And, he is right, there is nothing live the mystery of the pristine marsh.

    Terrace Oaks Antique Mall

  2. Great to hear from you Camille. My display plates went up just fine thanks to your hangers. I'm glad we both 'understand' about our wonderful salt marsh mysteries.


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