Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sportsmen support Vick for Congress

Duck hunters who support Ted Vick for Congress with their waterfowl on January 14

Andy Lawrimore, holding his wire-haired puppy,
alongside Lee Daniel after the duck hunt
Holly, Taylor and Lee are the next generation of the Lawrimore family
Ted Vick, Kyle Daniel, Jeff Dennis and Andy Lawrimore
State Representative Ted Vick (d) has announced that he will run for the U.S. Congress, in the new district that encompasses Myrtle Beach and the Pee Dee Region. Sportsmen who support Vick, a proven outdoorsman himself, will be able to participate in fundraising options during the first quarter of 2012. With the election set for June, Vick will canvas the Lowcountry Outdoors in Georgetown, Williamsburg and Horry counties - and into the Pee Dee. Andy Lawrimore and family hosted Vick and his supporters at their private property in Johnsonville for a chance to rally other sportsman and to consult with Clive, a truster senior advisor. An afternoon hog hunt did not yield any meat, but many deer were spotted moving around due to the cold weather. An evening meal of barbecue chicken was served with the vinegar-based sauce that is a trademark of the Kingstree area. The fellowship that followed the meal inside the nostalgic confines of the renovated tobacco barn was a combination of past history and the present rural farming traditions that continue today. Representative Ted Vick is in tune with this rural way of life and understands that hunting and fishing are honorable traditions worthy of being held high in terms of public opinion. The entire extended Lawrimore family personifies these same values and their property is a perfect example of how the preservation of rural aesthetics can and should be achieved.

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