Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Debutante Hunters Film

Lowcountry ladies armed and ready for the hunt
Several local lady hunters came together to make a short documentary film in 2011 about why they choose to hunt. The film debuted at the Terrace Theatre on James Island and is now featured at the Sundance Indie Film Festival. I am proud to have shot guns alongside Susan Frampton, a retired SEWE executive, and Sara Frampton - at Safari Club outings. The mother and daughter hunting team are just one of the storylines during the 12-minute film, that does a good job showing how some girls are comfortable in the field, as well as at home. One female hunter even has a good cry over the fact that she loves the hunt, and I just wanted to salute these Lowcountry ladies for doing a good job of promoting our outdoor traditions as honorable and worthy of their best efforts. To view the film click here.

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