Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 SCDNR Free Hunting Days

Two free hunting days for some S.C. residents
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is charged with enforcing legal hunting statewide, and the state agency made history in 2017 with the implementation of a tagging program for antlered white-tailed deer. Now SCDNR is conducting outreach to recruit hunters, and future hunt license revenues, by offering free hunt licenses and deer tags for two days. Specifically, these free hunt days are only available to residents of South Carolina, and not to out-of-state hunters, and is only available for those S.C. residents who do not already have a valid hunting license.
The free hunting days are for any game species that is in season on December 26 and 27.  The thought process behind the SCDNR free hunting days is that the holiday provides the free time that may allow for hunting newbies to get in the field. Also, this might provide the impetus for a hunting mentor to take a friend or neighbor hunting, but there is no stipulation for experienced hunters to be a part of the free hunting day equation.

Hunting on private lands requires an invitation, but the SCDNR free hunting days also includes the lands they manage known as Wildlife Management Areas or WMA’s. There is real value in the free hunting days when it comes to hunting WMA’s, because WMA access requires extra fees for regular licensed hunters. Allowing this extra hunting access to WMA’s for free is commendable since SCDNR is charged with providing outdoor opportunities on these state-owned lands. Small game in season includes squirrel, rabbit and quail and these might be easy to target on WMA’s.

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