Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Toast to 2014

2014 Quail hunt at Spring Bank Plantation at Barnsley Gardens
Cheers to 2014, which was year number six for the blog about my affinity for the Lowcountry Outdoors. I am thankful for the print publications which carry my byline regarding everything from saltwater fishing to landowner habitat management. Plus my writings include a healthy dose of wildlife observations and my conclusions from more than four decades spent in the Lowcountry.

It's grand that an additional 30 blog followers joined the list of 219 folks who like to check in from time to time on my work, and I'm honored they add me to their favorite's list. Each one gives me some form of motivation to continue my photography and outdoors reporting for those that see hunting and fishing as time-honored traditions and a part of our outdoor heritage and worthy of reflection. My popular Big Buck series continues to look for unique bucks and the stories behind them, and my dedicated Governor's Cup coverage will continues as well.

I look forward to working hard in 2015 to experience more outdoor outings and to translate those blessings into blog entries and sporting tales so that others can share in it if they so choose. Safety and good health are a big part of the outdoors equation, so live well and take care so that everyone can plan more outdoor adventures in 2015 and well beyond.

In 2014, I was humbled to accept the NBCI Firebird Award for my work regarding bobwhite quail.

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