Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 Charleston Race Week - Sunday Sailing and Results

Warhorse and the Cooper River Bridge
After canceling the offshore races on Friday, and an injury due to rough seas on Saturday in the offshore circle, the offshore races were moved into the Wando River for safety's sake. I have been covering Charleston Race Week for 8 years, and don't recall a scenario that sent the bigger sailboats inside the river to race. And another first came when a sailor went into cardiac arrest and a pre-positioned EMT was put on board the vessel within 5 minutes and actually helped bring that patient back to life. To say that the 2016 CRW was full of drama would be an understatement.

Stiff winds and sloppy sea conditions were in place inside the Charleston Harbor for the inshore races. Some narrow margins separated first, second and third place awards. Sometimes those emotions are still raw on Sunday afternoon and I witnessed one testy exchange between winners where one described the other as sailing over them and keeping them from placing better. Other more colorful language was expressed between those parties, but overall I see lots sportsmanship in play at this major sailing regatta.

It was announced after the 2017 CRW, the Melges class of sailboats will hold their Nationals here in Charleston Harbor, adding more flare to the Lowcountry waters known for strong tides and stiff breezes.

For the full results at the conclusion of Charleston Race Week click on 2016 results.

Crew of Warhorse heading up the Wando River
Racing in the Wando River
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Winners from the Inshore Races show off their hardware

The crew of Teamwork are recognized on Sunday

Start Line action includes a C-17 jet!

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