Saturday, May 23, 2009

DNR Courtesy Boat Inspection

S.C. DNR will be conducting courtesy boat inspections around the state today, in an effort to keep waterways safe during the Memorial Day holiday weekend. DNR Law Enforcement will check for safety equipment, proper boat and motor registration as well as intoxicated boat operators. In the case of equipment issues, DNR enforcers are prepared to write a warning ticket to boaters, so that they may fix the shortcoming before launching their boat. A high profile safety checkpoint was conducted at the Wappoo Cut Landing from 9 a.m. until noon today, and Captain Chisolm Frampton told me that they are checking for items such as fire extinquishers, flares, whistles and life jackets and throwables as they pertain to the number of occupants in the boat. supports the idea of Safety First when boating, espeically when waterways are crowded on holiday weekends.

Photos By Jeff Dennis: Youth boater Chris Rawls was "caught" wearing his life jacket and was given an SCDNR t-shirt and certificate from officer Ben Whaley, Captain Frampton checks his list while officer LaDue inquires about safety equipment aboard a Grady-White, SCDNR Board Chairman Mike McShane checks the safety equipment on a wake-boarding boat

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