Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fish Stamp Charters in CCA's TIDE magazine

Captain Todd Stamps guided into the "backcountry" just north of the Isle of Palms over the weekend. Targeting the low tide cycle, fishing holes were visited from IOP to Bull Island. Live bait was captured with but a few throws of a cast net with juvenile bunker seemingly everywhere. Anchoring up using a Stick-it anchor and a Power Pole system in tandem, we pitched floats to likely spots with live bait and also threw out carolina rigs baited with cut bait (specifically, the front end of the menhaden). The target species was red drum and trout, but nothing was ruled out from a curious flounder or even the sandbar shark that we saw working the edge of one creek. Fish Stamp charters believes that stealth is the key to catching and releasing schoolie red drum, so we kept quiet for the most part and managed to catch a few fish. For a more in depth look at our fishing techniques please review the May / June issue of CCA's TIDE magazine for my article The Great Red Way

Photo By Jeff Dennis: Captain Stamps drew this 27-inch red drum from his good luck hole!


  1. capt Stamps...

    met him at bote show. great with kids. very informative teacher of the spottail

  2. Yep, he knows his way around De Bote !


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