Friday, May 8, 2009

Camo Coalition Requests Action on Water Bill

The South Carolina Camo Coalition strives to be a group of like-minded outdoorsmen and conservationists that speak with one voice to our S.C. legislators. Every so often, they ask for everyday people who care about our natural resources to take action, and make a brief pause in their day to create a meaningful e-mail. Currently, the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is considering bill s.452. The S.C. Camo Coaltion is urging the Senate to pass this bill that provides additional protections for fish, wildlife, boating and sporting interests. Use the link below to have your voice join the chorus for water conservation.

Photos by Jeff Dennis: SCDNR is responsible for fishing regulations on public waters like Lake Edgar Brown in Barnwell, humans must realize that waterfowl and wading birds are closely associated with wetlands - and demand protection for their precious water sources

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