Friday, January 8, 2010

Spirit of South Carolina - Winterim w/ P-G

Middle School students at Porter-Gaud are granted a few days in their curriculum to take an outdoors-related short course, and this break is called their 'winterim.' One such course involved 19 students and two teachers taking a three-day sailing course aboard the Charleston-based Spirit of South Carolina that departed on January 6th. A special guest on this educational sailing trip was Will Haynie, the new CEO of the Maritime Foundation beginning on 12/15/09, who was no doubt able to get his 'sea legs' again while setting the mainsail! This program is geared toward teamwork and leadership with students working together to operate the 140-foot ship. The students stood watch, calculated navigation plans and took turns at the helm of the handsome ship with the broad deck and the tall masts. Sailing in the ocean outside the jetties by day and mooring in the Wando River at night, the students encountered some cold weather. Maritime Foundation Chief Operating Officer Sarah Piwinski said, "Sure it was cold but the students used hot chocolate and deck activities to remedy that circumstance." The Maritime Foundation's mission is to offer educational opportunities to S.C. students using the Spirit of South Carolina as the catalyst for providing outdoor experiences while on the water.

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PhotosBySaraPappas: Maritime Foundation CEO (and able deckhand) Will Haynie stands with P-G students upon returning to port on 1/8/10

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