Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chas. Co. driven deer hunt report - 2010

The end of the season deer drive at a Charleston County property was held over the weekend and cold and windy conditions likely affected the outcome of the hunt. With the deer bedded down tightly, and the howling wind obscuring the volume of the horse drivers' voices, only two bucks were harvested. No coyotes or hogs were spotted and both buck were of the cowhorn variety. Nonetheless, the hunt held in honor of a Lowcountry horseman renewed the bonds of fellowship for those that promote the driven hunt as an honorable tradition, and several youths were present to experience the driven hunt. A mustard fried venison lunch followed a cold day in the field and the nourishment from the wild game served to warm the hearts and bodies of the hunters. The two harvested deer were cleaned and parceled out to those hunters that wanted a piece of venison meat to take home to their family.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Henry Lowndes hollers for the deer to GET UP; several youths got in on the hunt and one had a BIG miss on the drive; Valerie is a rose between two thorns (Rawlins and Ed Lowndes); Butler Derrick managed to slay the cowhorn buck that presented him with a shot

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