Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Driven Deer Hunt - 2010

Cold and windy conditions greeted the drivers and standers that decided to make a man drive after lunch in Northern Beaufort County. One doe was harvested by a driver, and one youth on the hunt who had never killed a deer before, will have to wait perhaps one day longer. The most remarkable story of the day came when I was standing on a property boundary looking towards the woods where the man-drivers were shouting, when from out of nowhere - SEVEN does ran into the drive coming from behind me. I gave the running pack a 'flock shot' even though they were a good 100-yards away, and didn't touch a thing. I later found out that a four-wheeler on the adjacent property had been in the woods and likely spooked those does. Amazingly, those does ran through the drive we were hunting and no one got a shot on them after me. But that's hunting...

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PhotosByJeffDennis: The deer drivers take a break on a deadfall tree after traversing a briar thicket next to a swamp; the drivers used a Ranger to and from different hunt locations; Julian and Spencer Clark are looking for the right deer to come along; You had better believe that outdoor activity on this day was more comfortable with Grabber brand foot warmers, hand warmers and the like!

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