Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday oyster roast in the snow

The cold weather had the game birds feeding heartily and those that began the day in the duck blind reported bagging their limits in quick fashion. Dove fields that had been shot on Christmas Eve were once again full of doves due to the climactic conditions dictating that they must feed. A lucky bunch of outdoors-folk were gathering together to eat oysters that were freshly gathered from the May River in Bluffton, a shellfish ground that is rumored to be the best that there is. The oysters did not seem to be quite as salty as other local oysters, but they were very full and ate well. The real snow flurries did not come until late in the day, but it was a dank cold feeling all day long, and reminded the outdoorsmen to dress for the weather in order to stay comfortable.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Oysters are cooked old-school on a sheet of metal and under a wet burlap sack over a wood-burning fire that provides warmth for onlookers and a pleasant smell for those downwind; the bird feeder showed the dusting of snow well; the old John Deere tractor has seen few snows in the Lowcountry; Jeff and Chester are excited about the snow

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