Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Edisto River Snipe Hunt

Walking in rice fields that are still wet after being drained recently, a local hunting party was able to target some 'February birds' - the common snipe. This shorebird-looking gamebird is drawn to the fresh mud in order to probe it with its long bill, and hunters are drawn to try and match their wingshooting prowess against the whirling dervish flight of the snipe. Hip boots are recommended so as not to get wet when stepping in a quarter-drain or gator hole, and I used the BoggTogg hipper. Walking in a skirmish line the hunters were able to stir up the snipe and harvest some of these birds that are less than the size of a dove. The traditional hunting of doves, ducks, quail and turkey may yield a bigger bird, but the actual thrill of the snipe hunt is equal to these pursuits - and thus a worthy endeavor.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Tommy Salter holds a snipe that he knocked down; a partially flooded rice field is a great place to look for snipe; four harvested snipe; a double-gun in a lighter gauge keeps a snipe hunt a sporting affair

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