Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Hill Boys' take down late season Canada Geese

Late season waterfowl hunting always comes down to the special goose season that is tacked on after duck season finishes. Scouting is always a key to reveal where the Canada Geese are gathering in order to help increase odds of success when a hunt is called. Setting up on a small pond with two Big Foot floater goose decoys on a Rig 'Em Right jerk cord, the three gunners took up their positions in the reeds. When the first group of geese were heard honking well beyond the tree line, I blew my Foiles Migrators goose call at them and before long they made a pass towards the pond, saw the dekes and locked up. Comer Morrison took the lead goose out and the flock turned to pass over Julian Clark, armed with his double-barrel shotgun, was able to take down two geese with two shots, and then I was able to clean up the fourth goose. What a hunt! Seven more geese came into the decoys without sounding off - it's true that geese usually honk, but sometimes Canada geese will simply come in silent - this is a natural fact. The Hill Boys from Rose Hill, Spring Hill and Snipe Hill managed to thin out two more singles and called it a day. Two more geese would come to land on the pond while we were packing up our gear and gathering our game to clean - but we left them 'for seed.'

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PhotosByJeffDennis: The decoys looked life-like on the water while the Hill Boys waited on the arrival of those late season geese; Comer and Julian with the geese that landed in the field; Fishing skills were required to 'fetch' the geese that landed in the pond; Jeff and Julian with the entire harvest from the successful waterfowl hunt


  1. Jeff:
    Great hunt! Some of the best times often come on small waters with good friends. You don't have to travel a thousand miles to find success. Good scouting and some networking often pay dividends.
    Way to go!

  2. Well said Larry! I've never been to Canada but seems they have lost track of some of their geese - and a few opportunistic hunters can make great memories by hunting them here.


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