Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canada Geese in the Lowcountry

There are not too many Canada geese in the Lowcountry because they find our saltwater environs inhospitable, and their young don't fare too well against our alligators. But every now and then a flock of geese will present an opportunity to try out some BB steel shot. Since a goose is a large bird plan on using a large-sized shot like T, BB or BBB. If you aren't using a goose load and hit the bird in the body they may only adjust their tail feathers as they head on down the migratory trail. Place your mental crosshairs on the head of the goose for the most effective way to bring down a honker. Camo, decoys, a goose call and a back-up plan are always necessary when hunting geese - but they are susceptible to being fooled and make a heck of a racket honking when they are coming in - which adds up to blood-pumping excitement.

PhotoByJeffDennis: Julian Clark and Comer Morrison show off some harvested honkers next to a Big Foot Canada goose decoy
PhotoByComerMorrison: Jeff with a pair of Canada geese that were fooled by his Foiles Migrators goose call he keeps on his WinnTuck lanyard

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