Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Place game preserve hunt

The end of quail season is just about here, and this year's season has been a great one hunting over my own English Setter. But for the season's last hurrah Scott Whittaker and I visited the Home Place preserve in Western Colleton County, which is in the ACE Basin. This section of Colleton County has pretty uplands that host longleaf regeneration and broomstraw, which completes a pretty picture for bird hunters to pursue Gentleman Bob. Hunting over two English pointers and two English setters we watched the dogs circle, work and wind the birds until we had our two-man limit secured by lunchtime, using a Beretta 28-gauge and an Ithaca 20-gauge. A cool start gave way to a warm mid-day which is one way mother nature signals the end of the quail season. Thanks to Mt. Pleasant's Madison Howell for showing us a quality time at his preserve.

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PhotosByJeffDennis: Scott and Jeff in the uplands of Western Colleton County - an area of the ACE Basin that is ripe for a conservation movement; Home Place sign; Bobwhite quail as viewed in a gentleman's place setting; dogman David with setter Buckshot

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