Monday, December 7, 2009

Fishizzle Tackle lights up King tourney

The new Fishizzle Flash tackle system helped the top two teams to victory during the 4th annual P.M. Avin Tournament held out of the Belle Isle Marina. The Susanna Jules came in first place with a 37.9-pound king, caught on a Fishizzle 'King Bling.' The crew consisted of Capt. Eric Heiden, Derek Heiden, Bobby Earl, Brad Prescott and David Martin. How Sweet It Is came in second place with a 29.5-pound king, caught at the Belkie Bear Hole using a Fishizzle Pink & White 'King Bling' skirt and a 'Plan B' head on the downrigger. The Fishizzle Flash system is based on the concept that baitfish flash when they are distressed, as a type of defense system to throw off the predator. Fishizzle Flash attempts to mimic this natural flash, drawing a reaction strike from nearby predatory fish like King Mackerel.

PhotosByMichaelBroach: The first place team of Susanna Jules (in daylight); the second place team of How Sweet It Is (at night)

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