Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Woodrows and busted boots

One of the blessing of waterfowl season in the Lowcountry Outdoors is a common wood duck hunt in a swamp. Rise early (well before dawn) in order to be in the swamp when the wood ducks fly, which is always at first light. A sometimes tedious and tricky walk into the swamp is necessary to get in position. A hat with a light on it will help to shine the 'path' into the flooded bottomlands. Likely a beaver will be at work in the area, which helps to back up water and signal the woodies of a prime setting for them to flock towards. Sometimes those beavers can leave some sharp pointy sticks and stumps out there and just last week and then again this week two hunters busted their boots and had COLD water flood into the feet, which is just a part of duck hunting. In both cases a limit of woodrows was harvested and each hunt was therefore a BIG success.

PhotosByJeffDennis: Julian Clark with his woodies and busted rubber boots - he ripped 'em and fell in the water and said 'That water is COLD'; Four woodies harvested using a Big Lake Perfect Woodie call; Jeff with his busted wader boots compliments of a 'beaver bayonet' underneath the water; Hugh and John McLaurin of Elloree with their swamp woodrows.

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