Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lowcountry Hunt - Closing Meet

The Lowcountry Hunt, founded in the Spring of 2006, completed its 2011 fixture card with its annual closing meet at Airy Hall on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. With the mission of conservation central to the activities of the Lowcountry Hunt, this group of fox hunters moves with ease between some of the oldest and grandest plantations in the Lowcountry. The big excitement of the meet came when a coyote was flushed in the woods by the hounds, which then pushed it towards Bennet's Point Road and Ashepoo plantation. The Whippers-In performed their job admirably as they turned the hounds back into the drive while avoiding the traffic associated with the St. Patrick's Day celebration being conducted at Bennett's Point. To visit the website for the Lowcountry Hunt click here.

To view my blog entry on the Closing Meet from 2010 click here.

PhotosByJeffDennis: The weather vane atop the stable is adorned with the figure of a horse; A hound runs by a young fox hunter; the whippers-in return to the field with the hounds ahead of them; an exhilarating run after a coyote calls for some relaxation time in the sun

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