Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reef Safe / Finding sunscreen secrets

Summertime means lots and lots of sunscreen for those that love the outdoors. We have less time in today's environment to get burned than we used to it seems, and often early in the summer with no base tan we get 'lobstered' all to often. Even if wearing a long sleeve shirt and a hat, sunscreen needs to be applied to one's neck and face to protect against sunrays that bounce off the water. A new type of Suncare is hitting the market called Reef Safe and is a biodegradable product that is not harmful to sealife. Reef Safe is conducting a new media campaign to reach 1000 likes on their Facebook page with a grand prize of an Ultimate Bon Voyage Kit of suncare. Details are on the flyer posted here!

Now, what about the type of sunscreen that you are already familiar with, or prefer to use. It turns out that the Environmental Working Group's website has a great user guide to find the best sunscreens. You can also read about sun safety tips, or explore which products have harmful warnings attached to them. If you're curious about sunscreens then click here to explore a wealth of information about them. This website was listed in the June issue of Sport Fishing Magazine.

PhotoByJeffDennis: Ocean Potion and Smart Shield are two common sunscreens

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