Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turkey Season IN - March 15

Jeff Dennis, Tony Chachere of La., Lori Bell Johnson and Steve Cobb

A sporting depiction of the wild turkey

Jeremy Burnham from Atlantic Tackle takes measurements

Steve Cobb congratulates me on a nice opening day tom
The early onset of spring brought temperatures well into the 80's for the opening day of turkey season. Azaleas and dogwoods are blooming and the heads of local gobbler are turning red once again. Opening day reports varied with one hunter reporting very quiet woods, and another reporting eight gobblers sounding off - but alas no luck. A well-planned opening day hunt was put into effect at Deux Cheneaux Plantation with some special guests in town. Tony Chachere came all the way from Louisiana to spread some of his cajun seasoning on some fresh turkey meat, while H.S. Strut Pro Staffer Steve Cobb came down from the upstate to call in the toms. Cobb helped Lori Bell Johnson to stop a gobbling tom while Tony was backing her up, and both veteran hunters marveled at her shot saying, the boss tom never even flopped around. Good Shot! Another hunter had a tale of woe to tell after having a turkey called in for him and he took aim at the turkey's chest. It seems the turkey's feathers deflected most of the shot, allowing the big bird to beat a hasty retreat, leaving the shooter to face good-natured judgement back at hunt camp. The rule is - always aim for the head of a turkey! I heeded every bit of Steve Cobb's advice and was able to call in a turkey of my own. The tale of the tape: 19-pounds, 1-inch spurs and a 10-inch beard. Turkey season is IN!!

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